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EXPERIENCING WHAT IS. Notice and feel what is actually going on in the present moment—in your body, your mind and your environment. Distinguish between what you actually experience from what your mind thinks, judges, expects or believes should be happening. Helps you communicate more accurately and honestly. Will keep you connected to energy of being alive, training you not to depend so much on external results, e.g. what others think of you, for your sense of well-being.

BEING TRANSPARENT. Self-disclosure; less apt to get caught up in illusion of control. Motive=self-expression, not trying to change others. Less likely to trigger defensive reaction in them. Going public helps you see yourself more honestly.

NOTICING YOUR INTENT. Communicating with the intent to control the outcome is ego-mind’s effort to protect you. Allow yourself to be open to possibilities of each moment—spontaneous and unrehearsed. Relate more and control less.

WELCOMING FEEDBACK. Another way to be present to what is. Be actively curious about how others are affected by your actions. “How are you with what I just said?” Keeps two way flow going, essential to relating. Allows you to learn from experience. See whether your behavior serves your needs, aims and values.

ASSERTING WHAT YOU WANT AND DON’T WANT. Affirms your right to want what you want—even if little chance of getting it. Helps you become less attached to getting everything you ask for since each request won’t carry such a heavy load.

Asking freely, instead of inhibiting, keeps your energy flowing. Saying yes to yourself, no matter how another responds. Also assert what you don’t want or won’t do. For authentic relationship, must be space for people to experience full range of feelings and be okay.

TAKING BACK PROJECTIONS. Becoming aware of projections supports you in seasoning your judgments with some humility. Helps you remember others’ judgments are as much or more about them as about you. Awareness can show you where your life energy is blocked or stuck in a pattern to get it flowing again.

REVISING AN EARLIER STATEMENT. “Going out and coming in again,” helps you deal with changing your mind, clearing up a misunderstanding, or making up after an argument. Gives you a way to forgive or seek forgiveness and begin again.

HOLDING DIFFERENCES. Have your own viewpoint while being open to differing views. Helps you see relationships between things that may appear separate or mutually exclusive (Either/or context). Allows mutual benefit in your relationships.

SHARING MIXED EMOTIONS. Teaches you to let go of your ideas and shoulds about being consistent so that you can experience whatever shows up in your awareness.

EMBRACING THE SILENCE. Let go of need to know how things will turn out. Place attention on what is happening now. Silence is your connection to the Source, the place from which new creation springs.

These are core practices I aspire to use myself and share with others. If you have ones you’d like to share with readers, pass them along to me through this blog.


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  1. Like living meditation in everyday life, in the moment! This article is a succinct capsule of how to live a more balanced life.

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