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This Blog is for people who wish they had more time to read “helpful” books. I’m sure there are people just like me who’ve read more than 50-gazillion — give or take a zillion — helpful books in philosophy, religion and psychology. Some might even like to share, in brief, what they are learning. I’m hoping people who read, or don’t have time to read, will feel free to comment and/or offer a one-paragraph review of their favorite book. It’s okay to promote your own book, too, if that applies to you.

Jennifer Manlowe, (M.Div., M.Phil., Ph.D.) is an author, educator, book coach and unconventional career counselor who lives to see people launch their creative desires in the world by going public. If you need a boost to do the same, contact her through her webpage: Life Design Publishing.  

If buying one of her appeals to you, checkout her 30 publications or go through Powell’s Bookstore.  













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